Plan with us and receive FREE money today! If you’re on board or have just disembarked, you’re now eligible for Get Away Again — our exclusive new program for cruise guests. It’s quick and easy.

Simply reserve another getaway while you’re still aboard the ship or within 7 days after your debarkation. In return, we’ll reward you with FREE onboard credits to use on your current sailing or a future cruise.

You don’t need to select any sail dates to get your onboard credits.
Just reserve and enjoy! It’s a win-win.

Call us at (888) 530-2688 to learn more about Get Away Again, or contact your travel advisor.

How it works

Choose your getaway. Go for a refreshing 2-night cruise escape or make it an extended stay on Grand Bahama Island with a Cruise & Stay package.
With Get Away Again, you can reserve up to four staterooms in advance. Plus, you have a whole year to select your sail dates.

2-Night Cruise

Reserve Receive Deposit
1 Stateroom FREE $25 Onboard Credit $100*
2 Staterooms FREE $50 Onboard Credit $200*
3 Staterooms FREE $75 Onboard Credit $300*
4 Staterooms FREE $125 Onboard Credit $400*

Cruise & Stay Packages

Reserve Receive Deposit
1 Package FREE $50 Onboard Credit $200*
2 Packages FREE $100 Onboard Credit $400*
3 Packages FREE $150 Onboard Credit $600*
4 Packages FREE $250 Onboard Credit $800*

*Deposit rates reflect the number of staterooms or packages reserved and are not refundable. If you reserve more than one stateroom or package, you may apply them towards one sailing, or you may select separate sail dates for each reserved stateroom or package.

Our service representatives are always standing by to help you with every detail! After you reserve a Get Away Again stateroom or package, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your reference numbers. When you’re ready to select your sail dates, just call us at (888) 530-2688 and provide your confirmation information to complete your booking. You may also contact your travel advisor for arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Get Away Again cover ALL cruises?

Get Away Again is valid on any 2-night cruise or Cruise & Stay sailing to Grand Bahama Island. It is not valid on specialty cruises or other extended-stay packages.

What can I do with a FREE onboard credit?

Onboard credits function like FREE money towards purchases made aboard the ship. Use them for anything you’d like while sailing, including drinks, dining, shore excursions, spa services, duty-free shopping, and more. Please note that onboard credits do not cover gratuities and cannot be used at the casino.

Are onboard credits provided in cash and do they roll over?

No, onboard credits are not cash. Onboard credits are valid only while you’re on the ship and do not roll over. You may use the full credit amount either on your current sailing or a future one when booked through
Get Away Again.

Is Get Away Again combinable with other offers?

Yes! Check out our top deals to view current offers and maximize your savings.

I just sailed. How long do I have to sign up for Get Away Again?

You have seven days after debarkation to enroll in our Get Away Again program.

I’ve never sailed with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and don’t have any cruises booked with you. Am I still eligible to participate in Get Away Again?

Our Get Away Again program is designed exclusively for current and recent cruise guests. However, we’d love to have you join in on the fun! Just book a 2-night cruise here and make sure to enroll in the program once you’re on board (or within seven days after you debark).

I’m sailing soon. Can I sign up for Get Away Again now before I board?

At this time, sign-ups are only processed on board or by calling us at (888) 530-2688 within 7 days after sailing. You may also contact your travel advisor for details. Please note that you cannot enroll prior to boarding.

How long do I have to select a sail date?

No rush. You have up to one year to decide on a sail date that’s most convenient for you.

Do Get Away Again deposit rates vary for solo travelers?

No. Deposit rates are the same for solo travelers.

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are not refundable.

View the full terms & conditions.