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Day 1 - Embark at the Port of Palm Beach

Check-in begins at 11:00 AM. Boarding begins at 12:00 PM

Passengers must be on board by 4:00 PM. Departure is at 5:30 PM

Day 2 - Grand Bahama Island

Arrival at destination 8:00 AM. Departure is at 5:00 PM

Passengers must be on board by 4:30 PM

Day 3 - Disembark at the Port of Palm Beach

Arrival at port 7:00 AM

Disembarkation between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM

Your fare includes shipboard accommodations, round trip ocean transportation, all meals (excluding specialty dining options), select beverages, onboard live entertainment (excluding the adult comedy show), and our supervised kids programs.

Transportation to and from the ship, valet parking at the port, shore excursions, bar beverages, soft drinks, specialty dining, casino, adult comedy show, phone calls, photographs, and any items you may choose to purchase not specifically stated.

Government taxes of $67.52 per person, gratuities of $12.95 per person per night, $1 per person Port of Palm Beach Cruise Terminal Infrastructure Fee.

For your convenience, gratuities are charged to your onboard account at $12.95 per person, per night. This covers all food and stateroom services provided to you by your Stateroom Steward, Waiter, Busboy and Maitre d’. Other staff members may be tipped as services are rendered.

Please note an 18% service charge will be included on all bar, drink packages, specialty dining, and Indulgence Spa & Salon tabs. This is standard in the cruise industry.

Yes, we have a variety of drink packages to offer including:
Unlimited Soda Package | $21* (includes souvenir cup)
10 Alcoholic Drink Coupons | $70* (Retail value $120)
10 Non-Alcoholic Drink Coupons | $30* (Retail value $50)
*Please note an 18% service charge will be automatically applied.
Enjoy the convenience of using your cell phone to keep in touch with friends and family while sailing on the Grand Celebration. To use your cell phone on board, you might need to first activate the roaming service by calling your cellular provider. The network will activate when the ship is at sea, out of reach from land, or your regular cellular provider. When the service becomes available, your cellular phone will display either MCP or 901 12 or indicate digital roaming. This service is charged via your home cellular provider at international roaming rates. For exact pricing, please check with your provider.
Yes, you will be able to stay connected throughout the ship as well as in our comfortable internet cafe. There are 2 packages available for Wi-Fi access:
Option 1 - $15 per device, per day
Option 2 - $25 per device for the full 2-night cruise

Cruise only: Guest completing the booking must be 18 or older at the time of sailing.

Cruise & Resort Stay: Guest completing the booking must be 21 or older at the time of sailing.

Guests under the age of 18 must be in a stateroom with an accompanying adult.

U.S. Citizens: All U.S. citizens must have valid proof of citizenship. While a passport is highly recommended, passengers can travel with an original birth certificate issued by a U.S. government agency (not form a hospital) and a valid government issued photo ID, in place of passport.

Passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses are also acceptable forms of documentation.

Children ages 15 and under only require a birth certificate as noted above. Children ages 16 and over must carry a government-issued picture ID such as a state ID or provincial driver's license and an original birth certificate issued by a U.S. government agency.

Passengers from Puerto Rico must have a valid U.S. passport or a valid government-issued photo ID along with an original issued birth certificate. Birth certificate issued prior to July 1, 2010 are not accepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

U.S. Citizens born outside of the U.S.: Will require a valid U.S. passport for travel or an original naturalization certificate along with a valid government issued photo ID.

U.S. Permanent Residents: Will require a valid Permanent Resident card, also known as a Green Card, with a valid government-issued photo ID or a valid passport from their country of citizenship.

Please note some permanent residents (e.g. Haitian citizens) must carry a valid passport along with a valid Permanent Resident card. Please contact the Bahamian Consulate or U.S. immigration for more information.

Non-U.S. Citizens or Residents:

A valid Passport, Multiple Entry Visa, or Resident Alien Card is required for re-entry to the United States. Please contact U.S. Customs or the Bahamian Consulate for any additional required documentation. Guests from other countries must possess a valid passport and should check with their travel agent or appropriate consulate to determine other necessary travel documentation.

For more information on travel documentation, please visit the Before You Cruise link.

Each guest is permitted to bring two (2) pieces of complimentary luggage, not to exceed 50 pounds per piece. For excess and overweight luggage a $25 fee per bag will be automatically charged to your on-board account. All luggage must be stored in the passenger's stateroom.

The dress code on board is generally casual. Dinner and evening attire is casual elegance, with proper attire required for select restaurants, including collared shirts, blouses, pants, dresses and skirts. Tank tops and swimsuits are not permitted in the dining areas.

You are going to want to capture the moment, don’t forget your cameras and chargers.

Please ensure all baggage and personal belongings are properly insured and labeled with the owner's name, address, and ship's name, stateroom number, and sailing date. Suitcases should be securely locked. We are not responsible for theft or loss.

We recommend that you personally carry all medications, jewelry, fragile items, valuables and important documents on and off the ship. Any luggage left at the pier will be forwarded at the guest's expense.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require a wheelchair-accessible stateroom, accommodations related to medical condition, or have dietary needs. Confirmation of this information may be required in writing.

Guests requiring the use of a wheelchair on board will need to bring their own or make independent arrangements.

Guests may not bring alcohol on board during embarkation. Beverages found in a guest's possession will be confiscated. The legal drinking age on the ship is 21 in US waters and 18 at sea and on Grand Bahama Island. A valid photo ID is required. We have the right to refuse sale and/or service to anyone.

We offer a variety of activities to ensure our young cruisers will have just as much fun as the grownups. We offer three complimentary kids program that includes supervision.
The Grand Celebration is equipped with North American standard, 110 volts AC, which will accommodate most items including your cell phone and computer chargers, hair dryers, curling irons etc.

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