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Get ready to explore the wonders of Grand Bahama Island, because taking a cruise is only half the excitement, docking at Grand Bahama Island is a whole extra adventure. Aside from all the fun to be had on one of our cruise ships, the next step in your get-away is deciding what you want to do when on Grand Bahama Island. There are many adventures that await you upon your arrival, so planning ahead of time what you want to do will be a huge stress reliever. You won’t have to worry yourself with the:  What will we do? Is this family friendly? Is this Solo Traveller friendly? Is there enough time? Let us help you with those concerns, so your adventure is hassle-free.


Let’s go over some of the amazing excursions offered below.

Crystal Beach, Swim with Pigs & Beach Day: This is a very unique excursion opportunity, which will create an unforgettable experience and memories for a lifetime. On this excursion, you’ll get the chance to swim in the crystalline sea with the famous swimming pigs! Who wouldn’t want the amazing experience of swimming and interacting with Missy, Mya, Pinky, Peppa, and Wilbur? Then after swimming with the adorable friendly pigs; you’ll have ample time to relax on the beach, where you can soak up the sun, take a dip in the water, snorkel a beautiful coral reef or grab some lunch (if you’ve built up an appetite).  Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

Jeep Adventure & Beach Experience: This is a cool excursion for that is packed with activities for the day, it’s approximately 7 hours but covers a lot, and it’s a very resourceful adventure. You will get the chance to explore the Island by hopping in your own 4×4 open-topped JEEP. On this excursion, you’ll be led by a highly experience island guide who narrates History of the island along the path where you’ll stop for some fascinating information about the first inhabitants and the Lucayan Indians. Some of the stops for this excursion include Lucayan National Park, Ben’s Cave, swimming at Gold Rock Beach, and the Garden of the Groves which is a wonder in itself and also where you’ll get to grab some lunch, sightseeing, and some shopping!

Snorkel Adventure and Grand Lucayan Resort: This excursion is great for the family, couples, or the Solo Traveller. This adventure begins with an amazing boat ride through beautiful waters to the highly preserved Bahamian reefs, where your snorkel excursion awaits, here you’ll get to be in the stunning turquoise water where you’ll explore some amazing marine life. On this adventure, you’ll be snorkeling amongst colorful tropical fish and the Bahamian reefs. You can’t beat being in the beautiful ocean, swimming alongside beauty. Enjoy included access to the Grand Lucayan Resort. This stunning resort offers a crystal clear, white-sand beach and a beautiful pool area. It is a short walk over to Port Lucaya Market Place where you can enjoy lunch.


Be sure to visit the excursions page where you can get a complete list of all the excursions that are readily available to you. The options are amazing, fun and packed with excitement. The excursions offered are suited for all types; from family-friendly to exhilarating and educational to relaxing – see what adventure is perfect for you!