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X Marks the Spots: Hidden Gems of Grand Bahama

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Don’t worry yourself with “What will I do? Where will I go? Do I have enough time?”  Let Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line help you!  When you think “get-a-way” you think of adventures, relaxing, memories and much more.   With some amazing excursions right at the tip of your toes; you can enhance your trip, have fun and bring home memories for a lifetime.  Here, we’ll highlight some “hidden gems” that you can do.

The Inland Blue Snorkel Adventure is a “hidden gem” that needs to be highlighted. It’s approximately 5.5 hours and leaves you more than enough time to grab lunch at the Bahama Bay Restaurant, along with relaxing on the beach. There, you’ll visit three amazing destinations, where you’ll get to explore wonders known as blue holes.  Inland blue holes are unlike any other environment on earth; these large marine caverns are packed with learning about geology, paleontology, archeology, astrobiology, water chemistry and so much more.  With this excursion you’ll get to find out the deep secrets of the blue holes.  So, if you’re eager to learn and love a good adventure, then this is the “hidden gem” you want to see!  Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, explore and capture the secrets of the Blue Holes of the Grand Bahama!


The Garden of the Groves/City Sightseeing and Shopping Tour is another “hidden gem” that is great for friends and family.  This excursion isapproximately 5 hours and leaves ample time to go out on your own adventure, eat lunch, and shop till you drop!  The Garden of the Groves is catered more to sightseeing, exploring, and relaxation.  With this excursion you’ll have both a guided tour and time to go out and explore on your own.  This “hidden gem” is packed with excellent sights (as you pass through the City of Freeport) such as International Bazaar, along with Church Row and the native Pine Forest.  You’ll get to take in all that the Bahamas has to offer with its beautiful tropical landscape.   At the Botanical Gardens of the Grove, you’ll have the time to venture off on your own (along with a guided tour), so this is an excellent excursion for a little bit of both: exploring and relaxing.  Be sure to check out the arts and crafts village to shop local artists and the “Café” deck to sample Bahamian drinks and local delicacies.

Garden of the Groves Waterfall

For all you fisherman and women out there, this “hidden gem” is for you… Check out our Deep Sea Fishing excursion, which is approximately 3.5 hours long.   This excursion is where you’ll get to test your skills out in the deep sea, where you’ll deep sea fish with the most experienced and oldest fishing company Freeport has to offer.  On this adventure you may be the skilled fisherman or woman who’ll catch the “Big One”!  Do you want to be the one who gets bragging rights?  If so, you’ll need to put your skills and luck to the test! On this Deep Sea Fishing trip you’ll try to catch a variety of game fish such as Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Blue Marlin, Sailfish and much more.


Have you ever wanted to fly in the sky with breathtaking views? Are you a thrill seeker?  If so, this is the “hidden gem” for you! With this excursion you’ll enjoy the experience of a real life panoramic view while parasailing above the Grand Bahamas.    You’ll get to parasail on a 30 foot state of the art customer vessel with comfortable seating and take in breath taking views from above.  Who wouldn’t want to soar in the sky off the coast of the Grand Bahama on Reef Tours Ltd? This excursion will leave you with ample time to enjoy the beach and go off on your own adventures.

5Make sure to check out our Excursions page:  Where there is so much more than you thought…  You can access our “know more” tab for each excursion with a full list of details pertaining to your next adventure.  You can also contact us for more excursion details by phone: (800)374-4363