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Top 10 Tips for Travelling Solo

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10 tips for traveling aone for the first time

10 Best Tips if you are Travelling Alone for the First Time on Cruise

  1. Safety is key

  2.Bucket List

  3.Pack your convenience kit

 4.Create your vacation playlist

 5.A good book

 6.Explore with your pallet

 7.Meet other travelers 

 8. The early bird gets the worm 


 10. Take lots of pictures

Whether you’ve traveled alone before or this is your first time, you want me to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. This is a trip that you’re going on for you, and you want everything to be just right, so your trip is fun, safe and memorable. Here are some tips to guide you into your next solo adventure.

  1. Safety is key – Your safety to us is very important. A useful tip for a solo traveler is to make a family or friend aware of your travels and itinerary; along with that, make a photocopy of your identification/insurance cards a put somewhere other than your wallet.  Each stateroom comes with a convenient safe.
  2. Bucket List – Do something you normally wouldn’t do! Take advantage of traveling alone and cross something off your bucket list like swimming with the dolphins or parasailing – check out our Shore excursions for that!
  3. Pack your convenience kit – What are some of your comforts that you can’t live without? These are the everyday comforts in your home, and when you forget them…you miss them. We got you covered if you forgot though.
  4. Create your vacation playlist – Don’t forget your headphones! Music is therapeutic, unwinding to some good tunes or starting your morning off with some of your favorite songs will add to your adventure.
  5. A good book – Nothing beats a good read before you call it a night, or reading poolside. If you’re not a novel reader, then pack the magazine you like to read or glimpse through.  Try to have something that doesn’t involve technology.
  6. Explore with your pallet – You’re on vacation and you’re out of your comfort zone, this is a time to explore, be adventurous and try new things….such as local delicacies. Of course, you can still eat foods that are within your comfort zone but be a little brave and try something regional to the place you’re visiting.
  7. Meet other travelers – You’re not as alone as you may think – even though you’re on a solo adventure (and that’s okay if you want to keep it that way), but if you’re open to meeting new people…then don’t shy away from putting yourself out there. Hang is common in areas where other people may socialize (on the ship there will be many). Also, think about booking yourself an excursion – it’s a great way to meet others’ with similar interests.
  8. The early bird gets the worm – Don’t sleep in on your vacation, and don’t be wasteful with your time. You want to utilize your time to your advantage… get up, get breakfast and get the best out of this adventure, because it’s your time and your trip, so hit the ground running!
  9. Research – It’s always best to do a little research on the place you are visiting beforehand. This way you can maximize your vacation time, map out ahead of time the excursions you may want to go on, or the places you want to dine at. If you know these simple things ahead of time, you’ll be able to get the most out of your getaway.
  10. Take lots of pictures – Document your adventure to share with your friends and family when you return and don’t shy away from asking another person to take a picture of you! It’s also a great way to spark up a conversation with someone.

10 tips for traveling alone