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Romantic Things to Do in Palm Beach

10 Best Things To Do in West Palm Beach, Florida :

  1. Mounts Botanical Garden of West Palm Beach County
  2. Lake Trail of West Palm Beach
  3. Henry Morrison Flagler Museum
  4. Sea Gull Cottage
  5. Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
  6. Antique Row, Art & Design District
  7. Worth Avenue
  8. Bethesda by the Sea
  9. Ragtops Automobile Museum
  10. Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tours

Counted as a top place for a dream vacation, West Palm beach has its own charm. Know the Top 10 Things to do in West Palm Beach that can turn your dream vacation a truly memorable one. We know a lot of you are in town to set sail out of Port of West Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island on board one of our amazing ships with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, so we figured we’d highlight some cool spots to hit up before you head out for next adventure with us. Palm Beach is a beautiful and special place, and a lot of people say that Palm Beach owes its existence to a well-known man who helped make Palm Beach what it is today. Henry Morrison Flagler thought of Palm Beach as “Paradise” his vision of “Paradise” carried over to what Palm Beach is today, and to many people, Palm Beach is just that, paradise, so we hope you have the time to enjoy some “paradise” while in Palm Beach awaiting your departure to yet another paradise.

Brief History on Flagler: Henry Morrison Flagler devoted a lot of his energy and resources to building Florida, as a private citizen he took on one of the biggest projects of building the Over-Seas Railroad, covering over 155 miles from Miami to Key West, but during this process, Flagler fell in love with Palm Beach. Flagler built the Hotel Royal Poinciana; he also built The Breakers on the ocean, and Whitehall (which was his winter home). Whitehall is a National Historic Landmark, known around the world as one of America’s great historic house museums, and it’s also open to the public.

Exciting Things To Do In Palm Beach:

In no particular order, here are some cool things to hit up in Palm Beach if you have the time:

  1. Mounts Botanical Garden of Palm Beach County: This Botanical Garden of Palm Beach happens to be the oldest and largest public botanical garden, it’s a walkable garden and which showcases beautiful plants, it’s a horticultural paradise. You can walk through and explore the garden at your own pace or choose to take a guided tour. It’s fun for all ages; some gardens to check out if you visit are the Butterfly Garden, Children’s Maze, Garden of Extremes, Gazebo Garden, Rainbow Garden, the Rose and Fragrance Garden or the Edible Landscape. This is just a few mentioned gardens…there are so many more to visit!

things to do in west palm beach at night

  1. Lake Trail of Palm Beach: This trail is known for the path that shows you Palm Beach, like a native. This Lake Trail runs alongside the western edge of Palm Beach, with a breathtaking view of the Lake Worth Lagoon. This trail is 5 ½ miles long packed with beautiful sites. Along with those sites, you’ll get to see the famous giant kapok tree which is a transplant from the Amazon rain forests, this tree was brought here as an experimental crop tree in Palm Beach’s earlier days. Not only do you pass beautiful homes, jaw-dropping yachts, and amazing art displays, but you’ll also pass the Henry Morrison Finagler Museum, this is the home built by Flagler himself, and the famous Sea Gull Cottage, which is an example of one of Palm Beach’s earliest homes. On this trail, you can either walk it or rent a bike and cruise along its path.


  1. Henry Morrison Flagler Museum: The Gilded Age of America comes alive on the tour of this magnificent estate in Palm Beach. This is a popular spot to visit when in Palm Beach, known as Whitehall, and a National Historic Landmark, this estate is open to the public as Flagler Museum and feature exceptional guided tours along with changing exhibitions. This estate is a 75-room, 100,000-square-foot Gilded Age mansion gifted to his wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler as a wedding present. Henry Flagler is an extremely interesting man, who has done so much for the State of Florida from Florida. This is a must-see if you love museums, History of the State of Florida.


  1. Sea Gull Cottage: This is Palm Beach’s oldest house, constructed in 1886 by R. R. McCormick and later purchased by Flagler himself in 1893, and is now the Parish House of the Royal Poinciana Chapel. If you are on the Lake Trail or happen to visit the Flagler Museum, then you are too close to not stop by and see this beautiful hidden gem closely behind the Flagler House. This is an architectural marvel in Palm Beach with such amazing history, and excellent for a photo.


  1. Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens: This is an oasis in Palm Beach, with beautiful gardens to explore along with art and sculpture displays. Ann Norton sculpted many pieces that are in the garden for your enjoyment.  This museum also features a revolving door of exhibits of other work by many talented sculptors and contemporary artists. There are guided tours that provide great detail of the studio, museum, and the gardens.  If you are an art enthusiast, then you’ll want to visit this “spot” of Palm Beach, where you can also grab lunch at their café in the garden.
  1. Antique Row, Art & Design District: With over 40 antique shops in this fascinating art and design district you can visit a vast array of some amazing antique shops. These antique shops offer an extensive selection of 17th to 20th century antiques, fine and decorative arts, period deco, vintage to modern furnishings and so much more. All of these quaint antique shops are within walking distance and complemented by a few award-winning restaurants, so this is a great spot to get a little shopping done and grab a bite to eat. This is the antique design center of Florida and is frequently visited by many top interior designers, so you don’t want to miss this gem.


  1. Worth Avenue: As the saying goes… If you haven’t been to Worth Avenue, You haven’t been to Palm Beach. Worth Avenue is world-class opulence, it’s a walkable shoppers paradise with nothing but luxury, and is easily Rodeo Drives counterpart, and spans just three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intercoastal Waterway. Worth Avenue is so much more than shopping, it’s History, est. in 1928 many famous and affluent people paved the way to make such a glamorous place where people come from all over the world to shop dine and stay. Not only is there excellent shopping but there are amazing options for a dining experience. Worth Avenue is worth the visit!



  1. Bethesda by the Sea: This historic church was built in 1889, and is known for its beautiful architecture and gardens. This is a popular spot to visit to really reflect on its beauty and history. The sunlight illuminates vibrant colors casting images in the church through its magnificent stained glass windows, the Cluett Memorial Garden provides yet another element of beauty to take in and a peaceful atmosphere.


  1. Ragtops Automobile Museum: Ragtops was established in 1980, and in this 8,000 plus sq. ft. the facility you will be in a car enthusiast destination. This facility is filled with special interest automobiles and memorabilia with two distinct showrooms. This is “A must-see destination!” according to the New York Times. If you love vintage vehicles then this is the spot you want to visit, where you’ll see some cool memorabilia and amazing automobiles from the 1952 Tin Woody Wagon to the 1956 Ford Sunliner to the 1941 Cadillac Sedan Convertible.


  1. Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tours: Not only do you get to take a food tasting tour of West Palm Beach, but you’ll also get to sample a wide variety of foods and delicacies from around the world with just one tour. On this tour, you’ll also get the opportunity to learn about West Palm’s history and culture. On this food tour, you’ll get to sample a diverse cuisine from some of the most popular restaurants in town. So if you’re a foodie, then this is the tour you don’t want to miss.