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St. Patrick’s Day at Sea!

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Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Sea with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, or known in Irish as Lá Fhéile Pádraig, meaning The Day of the Festival of Patrick.  We’ll have plenty of fun going on for this festive day that you won’t want to miss out on; so be sure to pack something green…but leave the leprechauns at home!  For our St. Patrick’s Day at Sea, we’ll have themed dinner menus, plenty of games on board, some amazing drink specials, and beer promotions, along with beer and whiskey flight tastings!


Here’s a brief History on Saint Patrick: He is the Patron Saint of Ireland and was regarded as the founder of Christianity in Ireland.  Although the dates surrounding the life of Patrick cannot be secure with certainty, history shows he was an active missionary in Ireland during the latter part of the 5th century.    The supposed date of Patrick’s death is the day Saint Patrick’s Day is observed, which falls on March 17th, it is widely celebrated inside and outside of Emerald Isle as a religious and cultural holiday.  Not only it St. Patrick’s Day a holy day; but it is a day that Ireland celebrates itself.  Some quirky legends about Saint Patrick himself are that he was believed to have chased all the snakes out of Ireland and that he used the shamrock to illustrate a story or lesson, the shamrock taking on the symbol of the Holy Trinity, and since becoming central a symbol for St. Patrick’s Day itself.


Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Sea with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, where you can bring the luck of the Irish with you, and enjoy some festive-themed dinners, drink specials, and more!  Don’t forget our Triple Play offer where you can cash in on 5 free drinks, $25.00 onboard credit, and a $50.00 Casino match play! It’s a better way to getaway!

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