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Sailing Towards Brighter Days: The Future of Cruising

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Things look different these days, but as the country begins to open the cruise industry is working to determine what the future of cruising looks like.  There is a lot of uncertainty and everyone is trying to do their best to adjust to ‘the new normal’ and working towards what lies ahead.  

At Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, we have been in consistent communication with our valued travel advisors to catch up, learn how they are doing, and share thoughts about the way forward.  We are sensing a great deal of optimism about the future of cruising, particularly short-cruise experiences. Most recently, we’ve had a very productive and informative conversation with the leadership team at Cruise Critic, whose network cannot wait to cruise again.

Ready, Set, Sail!

An indication that travel will come back sooner rather than later is the data provided by, one of the most highly regarded agencies in the Midwest.

They spent the month of April doing client surveys and focus groups with their clients, and the data is promising:

  • More than three-quarters of their clients stated that they are ‘dreaming of a time when they can travel again’  
  • About one-third noted that they will be ready to travel again this summer
  • One-third said that they will be ready to travel this fall
  • Two-thirds of their clients want their next vacation to be a cruise (which is wonderful news for all of us!)

We know from the discussions we’re having on a daily basis with our partners and guests that the top questions on everyone’s minds are, what will cruising look like in the ‘new normal’ and when will we be able to get back out there? We have thought a lot about this as well and even as I write this, we are finalizing massive initiatives to update our operations.  This initiative includes:

  • Increasing the space per passenger onboard both of our ships with the closure of decks and reduction of cabins  
  • Increased sanitation at food & beverage options, including swapping in menu boards instead of individual menus and having sanitizer dispensers readily available.
  • Guests capacity will be limited to half the venue capacity to provide ample space between guests

Micro-cations Emerging as a Better Way to Getaway

We are confident that Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s two-night cruises will continue to serve as an ideal way to getaway post-pandemic, as short “micro-cations” rise in popularity. We reside in a vast drive market, West Palm Beach, which allows travelers a quick and easy escape they deserve, close to home.  We sail to destinations that are less populated and close to the U.S. – Grand Bahama Island and Nassau.  Grand Bahama Island, particularly, will be appealing as it somewhat isolated, has a low population, and features some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Travelers embarking on their micro-cation will have access to sprawling sun decks; al fresco dining; full-service spas; and the popular Par-a-Dice Casino. The ships also feature unique dining venues and countless opportunities to enjoy live entertainment, all with new health and safety protocols in place. We, along with the rest of the travel trade, are optimistic about the direction the of the cruise industry – especially based on the numbers we are hearing from our agency partners.  We look forward to providing a better way to getaway very soon!


Written by Clark Reber,
Director, Sales & Partner Relations