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PalmCon is Upon Us!

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PalmCon is Upon Us

Our very own Comic-Con is here! Come celebrate PalmCon at Sea with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line onboard Grand Classica on October 12th thru October 14th sailing! This event is expected to fill the ship quickly as PalmCon is a popular event amongst the Comic-Con industry, it’s a family friendly event, and will host many activities for all ages.

Let’s go over what PalmCon Cruise actually is… This is a convention, also referred to as Comic-Con that celebrates all and everything to do with Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Anime, Pop Culture, Video games, Role Playing, and Fantasy Card games. PalmCon is in its 8th year, and is Palm Beach County’s original Comic-Con. This multi-genre entertainment is something you don’t want to miss out on, especially if you have a love for anything Comic-Con! A large fan base comes from all over to celebrate PalmCon, along with spectators, however, most fans who attend PalmCon are dressed as their favorite characters which can also be referred to as cosplay, dressing up for Comic-Con is huge part of the convention a lot of passion and time go into these costumes for wearer and the fans. Cosplay is a big part of Comic-Con and a few hundred of the best go on to compete in contests for prizes. They are stars in their own right due to the immense effort that they put into their costumes and characters. Cosplay characters can range from an array of different genres such as comic book characters, anime, video games, movies, TV shows and books. This is what makes PalmCon Cruise so special, the shared enthusiasm for this convention and all that is has to offer its fans and spectators.

PalmCon at Sea with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

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This year, PalmCon is taking to the waters (The PalmCon Cruise). This is a unique way to celebrate this convention and it will be amazing! On board the Grand Classica our guests will be surrounded by everything PalmCon Cruise has to offer, it will be a pure Comic-Con environment. Once you’ve boarded Grand Classica aka PalmCom Cruise, you’ll be given a program, which will cover all the events and amazing activities for that day. There will be several key areas on board the PalmCon cruise just like a Comic-Con would offer, such as celebrity photo-ops and autograph area, along with them appearing on stage and in panel rooms to discuss their projects with fans. There will be various guests; such as Jeh Howell will be onboard PalmCon Cruise this year! Here’s a brief background on his accolades… Jeh is a creature designer and professional make-up artist who owns a company called Factory of Effects, which also creates prosthetics used for file and television productions. Jeh and his company have worked on notable productions for ID channel (Investigative Discovery), Zombiland, and theatrical stage productions. Also on board PalmCon Cruise, we’ll have Cody Dickerson of Cody’s Cosplay Carnival in attendance!  He’s gaining a lot of traction in the Cosplayer world, and has won over Florida with his passion for cosplay, along with his unique and creative takes on his creations by adding defused LEDs and even foggers to his cosplays.  Cody has achieved incredible of success in just over a year as a self-taught cosplayer. Some other (but not limited) key areas on board PalmCon Cruise will be The Featured Artist section that highlight up and coming artists along with showcasing the work of already established artists, The Gaming section that will include: video games, role playing games, and fantasy card games; The Panel Room(s) that will host celebrity and expert discussions along with workshops, and The Vendors sections that will cover all your shopping PalmCon needs for comic books, toys, collectibles, t-shirts, costumes and pop culture memorabilia.

Don’t miss out on PalmCon Cruise, this is a rare experience where you can reveal in some of your favorite characters, meet some extremely talented artists, even talk shop with them. There will be an array of activities that are fun for everyone on board PalmCon Cruise; this multi-genre entertainment is something you and your family don’t want to miss out on.