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A simple weekend getaway with the ladies can be the ultimate girls trip with this exclusive package only for the ladies, starting on July 7th on board the Grand Celebration, with a special itinerary throughout the cruise. We all have that one friend who loves to sing, a few who love to dance, some prefer the dining experience, or the one friend who loves game night, this special getaway will encompass it all with an array of activities planned just for the ladies.

Us ladies are busy, whether it‘s with work, being a mother, an aunt, sister, friend or being all of those. We have a lot on our plate and we just do it, that’s why we love our get-togethers with our ladies! Some of us have our get-togethers in the form of a book club, or dinner once a week, some meet up for cocktails, or brunch, some exercise together, or have a beach day, whatever it is, we enjoy our moments with our friends or family when we have those planned ladies nights or get-togethers. It’s an escape from reality and a moment for us to cut loose, and enjoy our friends, hear what’s going on in there lives, catch up, and empower each other to do greater things. Women carry a lot, so those ladies nights are cherished, I know! Why do we have to wait for a bachelorette party to go way together or for that of a birthday? Don’t get me wrong, those are great reasons to meet up for “ladies night”, and they are still great reasons to get together, but what if ladies night was extended? What if you extended beach day with your girls to a two-day cruise? I know we’ve all tried to plan a girl’s trip before, some with hassle, some hassle-free, but let’s take out the equation of “what can we all do together that encompasses a ladies trip? That answer is the two-day cruise; all you have to do is check your calendars and figure out which first Saturday of the month all you ladies want to get together? This new package that we’re offering takes away the minutia, like all the multiple ladies nights you’d plan to get this one experience, you’ll have this special getaway that covers it all. It will have a special itinerary that’s catered just for the ladies!

Instead of just meeting for dinner, or just meeting for brunch… you can have all of it in one go, and that notion that you’re on a vacation together, and us ladies love a good deal. Cutting out the “what can we do” to accommodate all the ladies is a major plus.  Taking a cruise that covers all of the individual ideas for ladies night is a win-win. Here are some of the exciting things that you ladies will have while sailing to Grand Bahama Island that will embody a perfect getaway: Indulgence Spa and Salon, what lady doesn’t love a pampering session? You’ll get to hit up the casino, and dine together for your meals, enjoy cocktails poolside, or in one of the lounges, you’ll get to catch a show in the theater together, enjoy a late-night adult comedy show, dance to live music, the list seems endless, it’s like planning ten ladies nights in one go. This is just the action on board; you also have the adventures you’ll go together once you dock at Grand Bahama Island. The next phase of your ladies get together includes crystal clear waters, powdery white sand, and a day at a beautiful resort where you can all enjoy a beach day, the gorgeous infinity pool, and shopping at the Port Lucaya Marketplace.


So turn a simple weekend getaway with the ladies into the ultimate girls trip with bonding, laughs, adventures and memories to take back that will last a lifetime. So next time you have a wine night with your girls make sure to bring up this stellar plan and choose which Saturday from the calendar to leave and leave the rest up to us! You’ll return from Grand Bahama Island feeling rejuvenated and refreshed; and that ladies is the ultimate goal, taking a break from our hectic lives and cutting loose with the girls.

This fun filled package is only $99 per person, with a retail value of $199!
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