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Have you ever just thought to yourself what your typical weekend expenses are?  With life being busy, and the day in, day out of going through the motions, the thought of your typical weekend expenses sometimes just passes you by.  However, it adds up, and a typical weekend is quite costly when you take a break from your hectic schedules to really break it down.

Think about it for a minute, between happy hours with your co-workers, or friends, from lunches or dinners with loved ones, down to museums, amusement parks, concerts, casinos, and even the small things like paying for parking, lifts, users or gas…the list is endless with the activities everyone gets into throughout the weekends; and the monetary value of those individual activities adds up to a pretty high amount.  Have you ever had the thought to yourself “what did I actually gain from that experience?” or “was it even worth the money spent?” Those are thoughts that often cross people’s minds, along with people generally wanting to get more bang for their buck; that’s why if you really take the time to think about it and do a comparison… you CAN have more bang for your buck.  You can do all the above-mentioned activities and even more for one price.

Since everything has a dollar sign attached to it, doing multiple separate activities can add up rather quickly (without you even realizing), and most have a tendency to cancel out vacations because they automatically assume they can’t afford it.   But in reality, if you take a step back and analyze your monetary output on activities throughout the week and/or weekends, it probably adds up to the amount of (or even more than) a vacation or a quick weekend get-away.  This is when you need to do a little comparison: What on average do you spend on weekend/weekdays? Does one or two weekends equal one unforgettable cruise getaway?  If so, then consider taking a cruise with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line instead of separate multiple activities that add up, become costly and are not time efficient.   Taking a cruise, and having that perfect beach holiday encompasses all the activities.  You’ll cover cocktails (which you can be sipping poolside), breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with plenty of onboard entertainment, such as the Par-A-Dice Casino, Vegas-style shows, Adult Comedy show, and that’s not even close to all the onboard amenities offered, once docked on Grand Bahama Island, you can experience so much more, because a whole extra adventure awaits from eating local cuisine, beach adventures, shopping or action-packed excursions to choose from.   The adventures are endless, and the memories will last a lifetime.


Next time you’re balancing your budget for the extras in life, think about getting more out the money you spend and think about what’s important to you.  Is paying for overpriced parking fares, and cover charges to then wait on a line to get into a club (and don’t forget about the overpriced drinks) worth your time and hard-earned money?  Or would you rather spend the same amount of money (or less) shaking things up, and getting out of that usual routine by heading to the beautiful Grand Bahama Island for two-nights of nonstop fun and entertainment?   Why not get away on a trip that will encompass it all?  With plenty of fun-filled onboard entertainment and all the adventures on Grand Bahama Island, you’ll come home not breaking the piggy bank, along with feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, because it’s a better way to getaway!