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It’s World Cup time! And what a fun time it is, the excitement of the best soccer in the World is now upon us. With 32 teams in the spotlight, the World Cup is so much more than soccer, it’s a time where countries come together, and fans unite in support with nothing but the best soccer on such a major platform from June 14th through July 15th. It doesn’t matter what team you support, this sport brings all fans alike together for their love, passion and pure excitement for the game.

Some interesting facts about the World Cup: The very first World Cup was held in 1930, in Uruguay with just 13 teams competing (at an invitation only). The host Uruguay won the tourney defeating Argentina with Team USA placing 3rd, every 4 years after 1930 till present day the World Cup is held, except for 1942 due to WWII.  32 teams play in the tournament with the hosting country receiving an automatic berth, however, it was approved on January 10, 2017 to increase the number of teams from 32 to 48, and this new format will start in 2026.  The World Cup is the largest international team sports competition in the world with a qualification process; the reason for the qualification process is to reduce the field of countries (from 211 countries narrowed down to just 32 countries). Brazil holds the most titles for World Cup wins with 5 titles; they have been the most successful team to date with the World Cup, not far behind them are Germany and Italy with 4 titles a piece, Argentine and Uruguay with 2 a piece, and then England, France and Spain with 1 title each.


In 2014, 3.2 billion people worldwide watched the World Cup, it’s that popular! With that said, when you set sail to Grand Bahama, you won’t miss out on watching it either during the duration of the tournament, because we will be airing the 2018 World Cup from Russia on both our ships in The Crow’s Nest Sports Bar.  So come on down, join us for Happy Hour and rep your team! Aside from broadcasting the World Cup live from Russia, we have a few additional activities… we’ll have World Cup Soccer trivia and bingo, along with some fun stuff for the kids such as World Cup Tournament Game (video game) and a face painting contest.

Here’s a complete list of the teams that have qualified and are playing in the 2018 World Cup! Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, England, Portugal, Uruguay, Colombia, Russia, Croatia, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia, Senegal, Egypt, Iceland, Peru, Nigeria, Japan, Costa Rica, Australia, Morocco, Iran, South Korea, Tunisia, Panama, and Saudi Arabia. So, don’t forget to pack your jersey for when you set sail to Grand Bahama Island so you can REP YOUR TEAM!