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Don’t write off summer just yet, it may be winding down here stateside but summer never ends in the Bahamas, so make sure you don’t pack away your swimsuits, sandals, and shorts because there’s plenty more use for them. Planning your fall get-away to the Bahamas will be your perfect get-away, here are some great reasons to extend your summer and book your fall cruise to Paradise and have the perfect beach holiday!

Why choose the Bahamas to travel to in the fall? By choosing to travel to the Bahamas during offseason you’re giving your bank account a break, and by traveling during what is “technically” offseason (and that’s said loosely, because every season is a great season in the Bahamas) you’ll get to travel at a discounted price rather than the peak season. The Bahamas is beautiful all year round but there’s something great about the weather for the months of September through November – the average high temperature is 80s, which makes for perfect weather conditions to explore Grand Bahama Island and go on some amazing excursions, along with that, the evening low is 70s, so this makes for a perfect combination of warm days and comfortable nights, so fall time in the Bahamas is the ideal beach vacation.

Fall in love with the bahamas

The fall season in the Bahamas has a really intimate vibe because of the smaller-than-usual crowds, traditionally there are fewer visitors on Grand Bahama Island in the fall months, so take advantage of this! You can get so much more done without the hustle and bustle of the busy summer months. There’re endless options of adventures and excursions you can go on,  you’ll also get the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the Bahamian culture and the local way of life – you can get to know the locals, asking where some of the best spots to visit are, or where the most beautiful sunsets on the Island are. The laid-back vibe you’ll get while traveling during fall months along with enjoying an authentic Bahamian experience will only enhance your adventure. Be sure to also check out the Top Ten Places to Eat on Grand Bahama Island.

Along with perfect weather conditions, better rates, the intimate atmosphere of the Bahamas in the fall, there are also some special October events! All the Islands of the Bahamas celebrate Discovery Day, which is a national holiday in the Bahamas, it’s observed on October 12th, and it’s a special holiday amongst all the islands because Columbus actually made his first landfall (or arrival) in the Bahamas. Along with Discovery Day, there is the McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival, this is an annual festival that began back in 1972, which attracts both international and domestic visitors. This festival is more than just a conch cracking contest, it’s a fun event packed with activities for both children and adults, accompanied by some amazing live entertainment, and the chance to eat some amazing conch-themed dishes, along with other food and drinks. Don’t miss out on the chance to eat some local delicacies and see who wins the Conch Trophy!

Remember, summer isn’t the only time to get away to the Bahamas; fall season in the Bahamas has its amazing advantages and perks also! There’s no better time to immerse yourself with the Bahamian lifestyle than the fall season, you’ll get a more up close and personal experience, that will have you coming home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from your fall get-away.