Picture of woman snorkling Grand Celebration Excursions

Grand Celebration Shore Excursions

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has picked the best shore excursions at affordable prices to ensure your fun continues once we arrive in the beautiful Bahamas. Customize your unforgettable experience with a dolphin swim. Take a dive on the wild side and dive with sharks or play it safe on land at the beach or casino. Grand Bahama Island is filled with many on shore, on the water and underwater adventures, romantic attractions and historical charm. Shore excursions can be added to your reservation at anytime over the phone by calling 800-374-4363 or onboard the day of sailing.


Woman swimming with Dolphin

Dolphin Swim
Before your interactive swim with these amazing creatures you will gather in groups of six and be given educational information and tips from experts. You will learn hand signals to give the dolphins to show off their skills to wave, splash, turn around and speak.

Jeeps on trail, jeep Adventure

Jeep Adventure Beach Experience
Tour the beautiful Grand Bahama Island as you drive an open top 4x4 Jeep. Led in a convoy by an experience island guide you will stop at a variety of great destinations around the island. This narrated tour will inform you of the Island’s culture and history.

People Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
You will dive some of the most glorious and ancient coral reefs that have formed at these dive sites, giving you a face-to-face encounter with the incredible work that nature has created. You will be surrounded by beautiful schools groupers, jacks, and other coral reef fish.


Family running on Grand Lucayan Beach

Grand Lucayan Beach Resort Day
Enjoy the day at this stunning 4-Star resort with its 7 acres of pristine white sandy beaches. It's the perfect beach to enjoy the radiant sunshine of the Bahamas, build sandcastles, splash about the warm crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean, use their refreshing pools, relaxing Jacuzzis, and adult swim-up bar.

Picture of Deserted Beach

Deserted Beach Cruise
Simply climb aboard a 45 foot catamaran and begin your isolated island getaway. This personalized tour takes you to a beach that is isolated from the world. While surrounded by a white sandy beach you can sunbath, bird watch, go swimming, or sip on a refreshing native island beverage.

Garden of the Groves picture

Garden of the Groves
Visit the Botanical Gardens of the Groves where you will have a guided tour and be able to explore on your own, this lush tropical landscape with trees and flowers from the Bahamas and around the world. After your visit at the Garden you will be transported to Port Lucaya Marketplace for shopping and beach time.


Family on Snorkel Adventure Tour

Snorkel Adventure Tour
This is an unforgettable snorkeling adventure that puts you face-to-face with beautiful marine life. Discover a whole new underwater world covered in flourishing coral reefs and tropical fish - all while floating on the surface of warm crystal clear waters.

Picture of Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Climb aboard the 60 foot double-deck glass bottom boat, Ocean Wonder. Enjoy breathtaking views as you sail over the shallow coral reefs that surround Grand Bahama Island. Discover the vibrant tropical sea life, coral reefs and other unseen wonders of the underwater world.

picture of East End Cave Tour

East End Cave Tour
This is truly a treat for nature lovers. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you are taken to the eastern end of the island to explore Ben’s Cave; one of the world’s most extensive underwater cave systems. The guided tour includes Lucayan National Park, home to mangrove swamps, sand dunes, beaches and forests.